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European Copper Chimney Pots

Distinctive high-quality chimney pots offer both performance and style benefits.

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European Copper by Jack Arnold chimney pots are distinctive and high-quality chimney pots and offer both performance and style benefits that pay off in fireplace functionality and curb appeal. They can be used with Astria wood and factory-built fireplaces as well and many other models offered by leading hearth manufacturers.


  • Unique look for multiple styles of homes
  • Attractive and viable alternative to heavy clay pots and steel caps
  • Designs available to meet a variety of budgets


  • Enhances fireplace draft and functionality
  • Lightweight and easy-to-install
  • Compatible with steel or masonry flues on wood- or gas-burning fireplace systems
  • Offered in multiple heights and diameters

Design Versatility

  • Offered in three styles and seven sizes for versatility
  • Available in two finishes – copper and freedom gray (copper coated with zinc)

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