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Vent-Free Gas Logs

With no venting required, Astria vent-free gas logs keep the heat in! And with 99.9% heating efficiency, Astria gas logs ensure you will never again be left in the cold with wet wood or without heat during a power outage. All Astria vent free gas logs are listed for use in a vented application with the use of a damper clamp. Now that is versatility.

Chestnut hill 1

Chestnut Hill

DUAL-FLAME Series Burner with Chestnut Hill Concrete Logs

Blonde oak

Blonde Oak

DUAL-FLAME Series Burner with Blonde Oak Ceramic Fiber Logs

Chestnut hill hd

Chestnut Hill HD

DUAL-FLAME Series Burner with Chestnut Hill High-Density Fiber Logs

Western timber 01

Western Timber

TRI-FLAME Series Burner with Western Timber Concrete Logs

Rich oak 1

Rich Oak

TRI-FLAME Series Burner with Rich Oak Concrete Logs

Bison mountain 1

Bison Mountain

BLAZE N' GLOW Series Burner with Bison Mountain Concrete Logs

Shady hollow 01

Shady Hollow

MAGNI-FLAME Series Burner with Shady Hollow Concrete Logs

Southern comfort 1

Southern Comfort

MAGNI-FLAME Series Burner with Southern Comfort Concrete Logs

Northern oak 1

Northern Oak Multi-Sided

MULTI-SIDED Series Burner with Northern Oak Ceramic Fiber Logs