Free Safety Guard Offer Astria Single-Pane, Sealed Glass Front Gas Fireplaces*

The Astria Fireplace Guards provide some benefit relative to reducing the severity of a burn or injury by preventing direct contact with the front glass surface of your gas fireplace through the use of a formed mesh screen that stands off from the unit. It is easy to install and is removable. This screen is not decorative but rather a safety device that should be used when children or other at risk populations will be near the fireplace. However, it is not a substitute for following all safety guidelines included in the care and operation manual accompanying your fireplace.

Safety grd demo

To order a FREE Safety Guard for your Astria single-pane, sealed glass front gas fireplace, please click here.

For information about purchasing a decorative firescreen, which is not intended as a safety device, please click here.

*Safety Guards may not be available for some older models, which are no longer in production.